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Matcha Starter Kit
  • Matcha Beginner Set,Set for an authentic matcha experience | Matcha Starter Kit
Matcha Beginner Set

Matcha Starter Kit

Set for an authentic matcha experience

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All-in-one set to get you started with authentic matcha green tea. In the set included are a traditional matcha bowl, a matcha spoon, a matcha strainer, a matcha whisk and of course our Shinto Matcha tea.

Matcha Beginner Set,Set for an authentic matcha experience |Matcha Starter Kit

Perfect matcha experience

Authentic matcha is still hand-milled by artisans much as it was hundreds of years ago in Uji, the cradle of Japanese tea culture. Originally a ceremonial drink of Zen monks, matcha is winning over the hearts and minds of consumers the world over as one of the healthiest beverages on earth, yielding a rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. This set is the perfect starting point for anyone eager to reap its plentiful benefits and take part in that most time-honored of Japanese traditions.

Read more about how to prepare Matcha the right way and find delicious Matcha recipes in our blog.

Matcha Starter Kit

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