P & T Origins

P & T Origins showcase the wonderful spectrum of tastes and aromas found in pure, artisanal fine tea: that originate from the Camellia Sinensis plant; scents and blends; and herbal tisanes. Our selection is based upon a premise that favors tea from gardens and estates around the world that preserves natural growing conditions and orthodox (hand-processed) harvesting and production methods. This requires an active search that extends to small-scale tea gardens in remote parts of the world.



Every tea variety, scent and blend, and herbal within P & T Origins line represents an essence of the country of origin. Through the flavors and aromas we can begin to understand the unique terroir of the land and cultural traditions that shape the distinguishing processing methods. Each tea and tisane represents a story and therefore is a figment of cultural exploration. With tea we have discovered the nuances within a deeply-rooted East Asia, a refined India, an innovative Africa, and a medicine cabinet of herbs, blossoms, and roots of age-old traditions from the corners of the world. 



White Tea

From sweet cedar to floral and fresh fruit, white teas are the most direct flavor of the tea plant itself - beautiful hand-picked leaves, allowed to simply air dry. This gentle wilting and careful handling emphasizes subtle, elegant aroma and smooth mouthfeel. Harvested for only a few weeks in early spring, the young buds and tips naturally retain their wonderful, spring-like aromas.

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Green Tea

Elixir of life and spirit, green teas have been consumed throughout Asia for many centuries as much as a health tonic as for their wonderful aromas. From nutty sweet steeps in China to Korea’s robust roastiness and the rich, grassy senchas of Japan: experience the incredible variety this category has to offer.


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Oolong Tea

Bridging the gap between white and black teas, with oxidation levels ranging from 10 % (barely oxidized) to 70 % (generously oxidized), oolongs are by far the most varied category of tea. They boast a broad spectrum of aromas and flavors, from intensely floral, spring-like steeps to rich fruit and complex spice.


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Black Tea

Black tea originated in China hundreds of years ago and instantly struck a chord with the British palate. Since then, its production has spread throughout the world, making it the most commonly consumed type of tea. At P & T we carry only the highest-grade, whole-leaf black teas that will amaze with their incredible depth and variety of flavors, from caramel sweetness to ripe fruit and rich maltiness – delicious both with milk or without.


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The herbs and flowers steeped as flavorful infusions across the world are as diverse as their medicinal effects, ranging from invigoratingly stimulating to soothing and relaxing. Though tea people at heart, we can't help but love this immense variety of flavors and have incorporated a wide selection of fine herbals into our offering – for delicious, caffeine-free enjoyment.


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P & T’s exclusive line of Blends honors the age-old tradition of blending teas with precious flowers, fruits, and spices using only high-quality base teas and 100 %-natural ingredients. We reject the use of synthetic aromas and additives.


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Our Formats




(Loose leaf tea)


(15 bags per box)

Aroma Bag

(Loose leaf tea)

Limited Harvest

(Loose leaf tea)

• air tight tin

• reusable format

• brewing instructions

• hand stitched 

• individually wrapped

• 100% biodegradable materials

• resealable bag 

• available in different sizes

• brewing instructions

• resealable bag

• featuring unique harvests

• brewing instructions


We source our tea in small-batches, directly from the tea gardens where they are grown. It is important for us to personally know the makers in order to create a sense of mutual awareness and gratitude from shrub to cup and back again. We are constantly tasting new teas and crops for the line to ensure P & T Origins delivers an honest narrative of the world of fine tea.