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Cold Preparations with Tea

Now that temperatures are slowly getting warmer, a hot cup of tea may not sound all that appealing to many. You don't have to go without your delicious drink, however, as there are many ways to enjoy tea chilled. We have therefore compiled a few teas and methods for you to be prepared for a summer with everything cold brew, iced tea or kōridashi have to offer.


Recommended for herbal & fruit infusions


Iced tea - a US classic - usually refers to a hot brewed tea that is freshly served on ice cubes. This method is particularly suitable for herbal and fruit teas, such as our revitalizing Top of the Day N ° 814, the fruity Berry Pomp N ° 819, or the Ayurvedic Pure Prana N ° 809.

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Recommended for our origin teas


For real teas, i.e. processings from the Camellia sinensis tea plant, the cold brew method is best suited. Pour the normal, recommended amount of cold water over the tea of ​​your choice - we recommend to give Golden Earl N° 514 or Pu Er Bai Ya N° 103 a try - and leave this infusion for 30 minutes at room temperature, or refrigerating overnight. Find out about the right infusion times for the respective tea categories here.

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Recommended for Japanese Green Teas


Japanese green teas such as Daikoku N° 317, Kumano N° 313, or Hanami Flush N° 902, are particularly suitable for the KŌRIDASHI method. With this very cold extraction variant, also called ice drip, the tea releases its flavor slowly over melting ice cubes. This brings the sweetness and umami notes to the center of the enjoyment.

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