The art of tea preparation

Tea is inherently a delicate token of nature. Handled with the utmost care from tree to cup, our role as consumer falls upon the correct brewing of it. Continue reading to learn the 5 key factors in brewing the perfect cup of tea.


Do you like mild or strong tasting tea?

Let’s start in the middle with the general rule of thumb of using 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaves to brew one cup (200ml) of tea.


Do the tea leaves have room to ‘‘dance’’? 

The body volume of the pot or filter should be large enough to allow leaves to spread and infuse in the water.


98% of tea is water. 

This means water quality can have a dramatic impact on flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. A simple summary is, soft water with a low mineral count allows components in tea to properly extract.

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How hot shall the water be?

The temperature can determine how much tannins, amino acids, aromas, and flavors in tea are extracted. Delicate tea leaves such as white and green types require 70-80°C, while darker teas like oolong and black types, 80-90°.


How long shall it steep?

Every tea has an optimum infusion time where its full flavor can be extracted without the risk of over-steeping. We suggest following the brewing instructions our tea experts have carefully prepared.