Big and Small Tea Lovers (worth 15€)

A gift for the whole family

There's something for every cup in our Family Teas. In order to try your way through this exciting collection, we've prepared a little surprise for you: In the Family Tea Sampler Box, you'll discover all six new Master Blends in convenient tasting sizes. This exclusive gift is free with a purchase value of €60 or more.

The six Family Tea blends each have their own unique character. For children, we've come up with three flavorful masterpieces: Tummy Kiss N°828, a pleasant blend of fennel, anise, and caraway; Tropical Treasure N°829, a sweet combination of honeybush, coconut, and mango; and Pink Grasshopper N°830, a fruit tea full of baked apple and juicy wild berries.

Expecting and nursing parents will also find new favorites in the Family Tea Line. Cuddle Queen N°831 combines sea buckthorn berries with fennel, lemon verbena, and chamomile. Little Wonder N°832 is a rooibos tea enriched with cinnamon and sage. And Magic Mum N°833 is a blend of fenugreek seeds, lemongrass, vanilla, cardamom, and hibiscus that we recommend drinking once you are breastfeeding.

*Giftcards and tastings are excluded from this promotion.

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