Black Tea Variety (worth 15€)

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Black tea is exactly your flavor world? Or one you would like to explore? Then we have the right gift for you in November: a delightful selection box of our 5 best BLACK TEA. You can easily taste through the West's most popular tea. The taste journey begins with probably one of the mildest Assams in the world, NANDANA N°506, along with a classic black tea: MCKEAG’S LAPSANG N°520, a smoked black tea from China. We continue with a strong and complex Darjeeling MUSE N°504, and get the perfect start to the day with TIP OF THE MORNING N°518, an aromatically fine black tea breakfast blend. For cozy winter days on the couch, try the flavorful blend with warming spices and cocoa WINTER'S LIGHT N°714.

*Giftcards, tastings, and advent calendars are excluded from this promotion.

sachets of loose tea per tea:

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