Tea Caddy

Cherry Tree Jar

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A hand-made traditional Japanese tea jar made from cherry tree bark

This Cherry bark caddy is a sentimental handcraft portraying the beauty and warmth of nature. A Japanese artform that is given the title, Kabazaiku; where the bark of the native cherry tree is crafted in a cultural manner of precision into airtight and durable containers and polished into a fine satin finish. Kabazaiku tea caddies are naturally insulating against changes in humidity and has antibacterial properties that ensure the ideal storage conditions for fine tea and has been accordingly appreciated for much more than its beauty.


  • Dimensions: Height: 8.5 cm, Diameter: 8 cm
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Origin: Japan

"The origins of the ‘Kabazaiku’ date back to the 1780s where with the Meiji Restoration prompted the end of the Samurai. Forced to face declination, samurai Fujimura Hikoroku learnt this art- which was at that time a folk tradition- as a way of generating income and shared this technique to more like himself as a way to adjust into the new society. Kabazaiku was given a chance of revival from those very individuals that were repressed and the artform has bred into the wider-use and acknowledgement we see today. Cherry bark caddies are a unique product of the small but atmospheric city of Kakunodate in Japan, its production requires much knowledge and artistic insight. Sheets of bark are harvested after Japan’s rainy season, in late summer, from wild cherry trees that are 70-80 years old. Much care is taken that only one-third of the bark is removed to allow the tree to regenerate before the next harvest season. The craftsman will soften and treat the bark to intensify the natural textures and patterns of the bark, after which it is layered carefully over a hand-carved wooden cylinder base. The result is an airtight and durable storage container that is polished into a fine satin finish."

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