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TEA+chocolate - Golden Earl


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A 68% cacao blend of decadent milk chocolate and sensuous Earl Grey

A fusion of decadent milk chocolate and sensuous Earl Grey from Yunnan, China, this 68% cacao bar is a melt-in-your mouth delight. Citrus notes mingle with natural bergamot to create a luxurious milk chocolate unlike any other.

  • 50g Chocolate

Milk chocolate holds the top spot for the most popular chocolate in the world, but this exquisite blend of premium flavors and high cacao content shows a familiar favorite in a new light. A cup of earl grey typically calls for a splash of milk, and milk chocolate is a perfect complement in its stead. The astringency of our Golden Earl tempers the mild sweetness of the chocolate’s milky essence and makes for a beautifully balanced treat. The beans used to make this decadent milk chocolate are a unique hybrid of Criollo and Trinitario, courtesy of our chocolate atelier partner Belyzium. The hand-harvested beans are exported directly from Belize to Berlin where they’re turned into a small batch of rich, fresh chocolate. When the beans arrive in Berlin at Belyzium’s Chocolaterie, they’ve already been meticulously fermented and sun-dried. All that’s left to do is gently roast and refine the beans to maximize their luscious flavor. The final piece of chocolate is well-rounded and complex, coupling notes of lingering chocolate with just a hint of black tea flavor.

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Säuerliche Schokolade mit leichtem Teearoma

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