Milk Chocolate & Tea - Sakura Bliss

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Delicate milk chocolate with fruity notes of Japanese cherry tree

Rosy cherry blossoms and delicate cocoa dreams: in this exclusive tea speciality, leaves of the Japanese cherry tree are combined with tender milk chocolate from Venezuela. The refined composition is a fruity and creamy treat with elegant almond notes.

For our delicious chocolate creations, we have teamed up with the prestigious chocolate manufactory Walter from Berlin. Since 1915, Walter has mastered the production of high-quality chocolate, nougat, and marzipan specialties using only the best ingredients and trusting handcrafted precision. Ever since, their chocolate production is located in Tempelhof-Schöneberg, where today, our own combination of ground tea and chocolate is worked by hand carefully. Our chocolate is not shaped in a tray, but it is poured onto a cooling surface, where it hardens and is cut into pieces right after. In the end, every chocolate bar is coated with a final chocolate layer reminiscent of wave textures. A delight for your eyes and remarkably delicious.

  • 75g Chocolate

sour cherries, almonds, floral

Ingredients: 35.4% cane sugar, 27.0% cocoa butter, 20.1% milk powder, 17.5% cocoa mass (17.5% Venezuela), 4% cherry tree leaf tea.
Cocoa content in the chocolate at least 43%.

Nutrition Information per 100 g 
Energy 2453 kJ / 589 kcal
Fat, total  41,16 g
   Saturated 25,15 g
Carbohydrate 45,4 g
   Sugars 42,49 g
Protein 7,41 g
Salt 0,19 g

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