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Seminar Yellow & Dark Tea [Module 5]

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P & T School of Tea | Online Seminar with three sample bags of tea

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Dark tea is a very unique fermented tea. Its aroma and texture have a certain appeal, which holds a very special place in the long history of Chinese tea. Just as uncommon as dark tea in the western world, is the realm of yellow teas. Yellow tea is based on a long tradition in China. Cultivation, harvesting and production are still mainly in the hands of monks, who bring a lot of knowledge and dexterity in the production. Its sweet, bright and floral taste, brings together a savour like no other. Together we will dive into the mysterious worlds of both Dark and Yellow teas. With every ticket purchase to our online seminar, we will send you the three teas in focus (4g samples) to your home to encourage your full participation.

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  • Leizu's Golden Silk
  • Wild & Raw
  • Vinage Lotus

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