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P & T Online Seminar

Sat 04/09/2020 & 04/12/2021
12 PM - 1:30 PM (UTC+2 - Berlin-time)
3 PM - 4:30 PM (UTC+2 - Berlin-time)

Learn all about Matcha & how to make the perfect cup in our online seminar.

The preparation of matcha itself plays a key role in the enriching experience of each bowl. Since the entire leaf is ground into powder and whisked into water rather than steeped as most teas are, matcha-drinkers enjoy this superfood’s full spectrum of health benefits in much higher concentrations. Boosted metabolism, disease-fighting antioxidants, and improvement in mood are just some of the merits matcha has to offer.

There are two options to participate:

- Buy our all-in-one Matcha starter kit to be fully equipped with a traditional matcha bowl, a matcha spoon, a matcha strainer, a matcha whisk and of course our Shinto Matcha tea and participate in the Seminar for free.

- Buy a ticket to the Matcha seminar only if you already have the right equipment at home or just want to watch & listen.

The seminar will be held by our teaist Robin Schmidt, who will also share some of his experiences of working on a Japanese tea farm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great for a gift (to yourself or others)

I bought the seminar and the Matcha starter package together and it's been a great buy! The starter package is so nice that I think it makes the perfect gift! You have all the items you need to make a good Matcha. The Matcha tastes great and having the opportunity to learn from a pro is so nice!

Christiane S.

Toller Geschmack, tolle Verpackung,
Tee aus biologisch zertifiziertem Anbau - und das ganze von kleinen Teefarmen - was will man mehr !

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