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A traditional Japanese stoneware pot from Shigaraki: Holds 150 ml

The Tanuki Teapot is a houhin, a Japanese teapot which it is perfect for brewing sensitive, bigger-leaved, high-grade teas. The glazing on the inside of the stoneware pot embodies a luster that gleams like mother-of-pearl underneath every infusion. When serving the tea, the leaves are retained by the closed lid while the tea escapes through the intended grooves leading to the spout.


  • Volume: 150 ml
  • Dimensions: Width: 11 cm, Heigth: 7 cm
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Origin: Japan
  • Colour: White & Pink
  • Finish: Glossy

Hand-thrown and fired in Shigaraki, one of the six original kilns of Japan, the Tanuki Teapot is a visible representation of the region’s ceramic identity. Ceramics from that area are often partially glazed or unglazed, high fired stoneware made of locally collected clay, lending the objects a rustic character and thus implying the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, the beauty of imperfection.

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