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Serenity Cup
  • Cups,Serenity Collection | Stoneware - light blue | Serenity Cup

Serenity Cup

Material : Stoneware
Capacity: 200 ml

Serenity Collection

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The Serenity Collection carries the emotions, relationships and everyday life in the whimsical perspective of Mayumi Yamashita. Beyond the precise handwork of Japanese pottery, the light peppermint glaze and surface texture of hand-etchings - while contemporary at first glance - seem to tell an ancient story of the floating world.

Cups,Serenity Collection | Stoneware - light blue |Serenity Cup

The Serenity Series is a unique work of artistic vision. Hand-crafted by Mayumi Yamashita of Kagawa, Japan who works out of her grandparent’s home, a traditional minka where she finds inspiration between the juxtaposition of the old and contemporary. The tea cup fits perfectly inside the cusp of two hands and the hand-etched surface gives a pleasant touch. Beyond the texture and light peppermint glaze, it carries an essence reminiscent of ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock paintings of the floating world. The emotions, relationships and everyday life is contained within, interpreted through the artist’s whimsical perspective on our world.

Serenity Cup

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