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Spiced Vodka Kit
  • Vodka-Spice Tea Set | Spiced Vodka Kit
Vodka-Spice Tea Set

Spiced Vodka Kit

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Vodka-Spice Tea Set |Spiced Vodka Kit

Blending spices to prepare warming and invigorating infusions has a long tradition in Asia. Based on traditional recipes and ingredients used in Ayurveda, our Deep Asana combines whole – not ground – spices of the highest grade to provide a vibrant and energizing winter vodka infusion - enjoyed straight-up, or with ice and ginger beer for a long drink like you've never had it. Recipe included in kit.

Read more about Vodka Tea Infusion Kits and add a fun twist to your home-bar with our original tea cocktail recipes.


Vodka-Spice Tea Set |Spiced Vodka Kit


Origin: Germany


  • Our/Berlin Vodka 350ml, 37.5% vol.
  • Deep Asana Ayurvedic blend of warming and energizing herbs - 6g
  • Infusion Tea Filter

1. Tear open tea sachet and empty its contents into tea filter.
2. Insert tea filter into your bottle of Our/Berlin, making sure tea leaves are submerged.
3. Fasten tea filter by closing bottle with removable cap.
4. Leave to steep at room temperature overnight before removing tea filter, or leave longer for a more potent infusion.
5. Enjoy straight up, or as an exciting twist to your favorite cocktails and long drinks.

Enjoy responsibly

Spiced Vodka Kit

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