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Tea by Moment

Tea, is truly a wonderful and inspiring product. It presents us with an abundance of health promoting properties that can be enjoyed all throughout the day. Whether it is to invigorate your morning with a energy boost, to liven up an otherwise sluggish afternoon, or to help you wind down and relax from a hectic day, there is a tea for every moment. Pick and match the perfect tea for your tea-time and take advantage of all the benefits tea can offer. 

Teas to start the morning 

Brighten up your morning with a cleansing dose of vitamins and minerals and an energizing boost of caffeine too! Tea has around a third of the amount of caffeine we have come to expect in coffee. While this may discourage some, others may opt for the caffeine in tea which undergoes a slower absorption in our body and that we enjoy as a steady escalation of energy over a longer period of time. Furthermore, our body is naturally dehydrated and acidic when we wake up. Tea, is a natural alkaline and a healthy morning ritual that helps balance the pH levels in our bodies to nourish our organs and help us feel rejuvenated. Meanwhile, our palate is neutral and many take advantage of this moment to drink fine tea as our taste buds are able to pick up more easily the subtle nuances of flavor.

Teas for a lively afternoon

There are several ways to take advantage of tea to make the most out of the afternoon. For instance, a lightly oxidized tea will brighten up slugging energy levels. The secret here is the wonderful mood boosting and calming amino-acid, L-Theanine. L-Theanine has been researched to stimulate the alpha waves of our brain, which help us to focus, concentrate and get into that creative zone. The beautiful duality of L-Theanine and caffeine has been long sort after, since the introduction of Zen Buddhism in the east, as a mindful tool for monks practising meditation. We recognise this state-of-mind as the ‘’tea high’’. While speaking of tea high, let’s quickly address the British tradition of high-tea. A quintessential symbol of western tea set by British aristocrats in the mid-19th century, high-tea is a social event typically enjoyed in the afternoon with a steaming pot of black tea, cream and sweetner and better still, accompanied with dainty sandwiches, cakes and pastries. Here’s a toast to afternoon tea!

Teas to wind-down and relax

When the day is coming to an end, it is the right moment to move from tea to herbal tisanes. These are various fruits, leaves, blossoms and roots that infuses a caffeine-free cuppa and brings our mind to rest. Mother Nature plays an important role in mankind’s medicine cabinet and it’s good to know how to take advantage of the ubiquitous natural resources. From these, we have selected soothing herbals with calming properties like: chamomile, linden blossoms, and verbena to completely unwind and prepare for a good night's sleep


Teas for wellness and rejuvenation

Assist your body with a blend of natural ingredients that work to cleanse and restore a healthy balance, while supporting a strong immune system. We know already that tea supports a wealth of vitamins and minerals, but it is the high antioxidant content that makes us regard tea as a true fountain of youth. Antioxidants, work to slow down the aging of our cells and fight free-radicals to help lower risk of disease. In tea, studies have shown green tea- particularly matcha and shaded Japanese green teas- to be the richest in antioxidants. While each tea type carries its unique combination of beneficial nutrients, the higher the quality of tea- better preserved are its naturally-occuring compounds. Taking all of these into account, we recommend making a variety of fine, loose-leaf tea a part of your daily routine.