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Green Tea


There are considerable variations in the rich tea-making traditions of China, Japan and Korea, explaining the distinct differences in aroma, taste and appearance of the resultant green tea. Whatever the variety, however, the tea leaves harvested from the camellia sinensis tea plant undergo a careful process of rolling, drying and heating to produce this much-loved tea at the lower end of the tea oxidation scale.


Matcha TeaElixir of life and spirit, green teas have been consumed throughout Asia for many centuries as much as a health tonic as for their energizing, revitalizing effects. In recent years, the appreciation of green tea has spread around the world and its long-lauded benefits for body and mind are being increasingly validated by scientific studies.   But leaving antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and anti-carcinogens aside for a moment, the taste and the sheer variety of the category is what makes it a winner.


Fresh Tea Buds

image credits: kim juwon / Matthew Hadley / Roberto Maxwell