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Herbal Infusions


  herbal tea


Plants are mankind’s original medicine cabinet. China is regarded as the birthplace of herbalism, with the first historical records on the subject appearing in the earliest Chinese pharmacopeia, attributed to the Chinese emperor Shennong, “the Divine Farmer,” around 3000 B.C. – who, incidentally, is also credited with discovering the wonderful merits of the tea plant.


Botanical illustration of camellia sinensis

 Although the word “tea” is used loosely in popular language, strictly speaking, any infusion not containing the venerable camellia sinensis tea plant should be called a tisane or herbal infusion. From mate and verbena in South America to mint in Morocco, fragrant spice blends in India, lavender in the Mediterranean, or rooibos in South Africa, the herbs and flowers steeped as tisanes are as diverse as their medicinal effects, ranging from invigoratingly stimulating to soothing and relaxing. At P & T, we pay homage to this immense wealth of flavors, incorporating a wide range of fine organic herbals for their nutritional and therapeutic merits and caffeine-free enjoyment.