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Herbals Organic Bio No 802


  Pure refreshing and healing verbena herbal infusion with lemon notes lemon, herbaceous, fresh

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Prized for its soothing yet stimulating effect on body and mind, fragrant verbena was an indispensable part of bohemian life in 19th-century Europe. Soaking up the intensive sun of its native Greece, this zesty herb beams in a gleaming cup of luscious citrus.

No. Infusions 1
Amount (tsp. / ml) 2 / 250
Temperature 90-100 °C
Herbals | Pure Herbal Tea | Organic Bio | Paraguay | Verbena

Here comes some cool and calming tonic for stressed nerves! The long, thin, delicate leaves of this “Princess Herb” carry an extraordinarily exotic aroma with an intense citrus zing. Packed with fragrant essential oils, the infusion yields a powerful and colorful cup that even promotes digestive health. With a lemony flavor much stronger than that of most other citrus-scented plants, the so-called verveine has historically also been a vibrant stimulus not only for writers, but for all kinds of creative people with a zest for life.
Herbals | Pure Herbal Tea | Organic Bio | Paraguay | Verbena


lemon, herbaceous, fresh


Organic verbena


Organic Bio


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