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Winter Blend No 714

Winter's Light

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  An inhouse blend of black teas, warming spices and vanilla floral citrus, honey, vanilla, baking spices


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Winter’s light is our full-bodied house blend of bold Kenyan, bright Darjeeling, malty Ceylon black teas with a rightful balance of Ayurvedic spices inspired by the “Spice Garden of India”. An essential for winter, this spicy and fruity tea reminds us that this is the time for family and for sharing. Fill your home with the warm aromas of exotic spices and encourage the best of wintertime storytelling with this perfect Christmas gift. Adorned with a festive golden ribbon and a personalizable hang-tag, offer your beloved the gift of an experience.

No. Infusions 1
Temperature 90°C
Winter Blend | Scented Pu-erh Tea | EU Standard | Winter's Light

Winter’s Light is inspired by the ancient spice trades of Kerala and the mythical fables that were whispered up and down the trade routes of south India's backwaters. Kerala, or often romanced as the “Spice Garden of India”, is tied to tell-tales of fiery phoenix’s, dragon sightings and hushed warnings of spices guarded by lake serpents. These stories were passed from ear-to-ear and evoked by spice traders seeking to keep the sources of their spices undisclosed. Stories which trace as far back to those of Greek historian Herodotus’ narrations of Ancient India from the 5th century. Thanks to our passion for shared narratives, these myths have been graciously passed on and have existed until this present day family discussions by the fireplace. We have captured the magic of the ancient spice trade and the spirit of storytelling within this spicy and fruity tea to warm those precious winter moments.
Winter Blend | Scented Pu-erh Tea | EU Standard | Winter's Light


floral citrus, honey, vanilla, baking spices


Black tea, vanilla bean, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper, cardamom, liquorice root


EU Standard

Winter's Light

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