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Herbals, Brazil Organic Bio No 807

Yerba Mate

  strong, earthy, camphor

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The fragrant brew made from the leaves of the South American mate shrub has been revered as an invigorating tonic for centuries. Gentle processing sees our vitamin- and mineral-rich “green mate” exude its bodied aroma of fruity and smoky vanilla in a wonderfully earthy cup. 

No. Infusions 1
Amount (tsp. / ml) 2 / 250
Temperature 90-100 °C
Yerba Mate

Unlike the common roasted mate, our healthier yerba, or green mate undergoes extended oxidation at up to 60° C. The resulting vibrant, green-yellow cup is packed with a wealth of vitamins and minerals, including A, B1, B2, C, E, phosphorus, iron and calcium – not to mention an invigorating caffeine kick. With subtle hints of vanilla, this veritable fountain of youth delights the palate with its surprisingly broad spectrum of flavors: from sweet and sour to fruity, smoky, earthy and bitter. A shared delight on its native continent, the “drink of friendship” is traditionally enjoyed from a hollowed gourd with a metal straw. Feel free to experiment with sweetener, a few drops of lime or even chilled consumption.
Yerba Mate


strong, earthy, camphor


Organic green mate


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