P & T Master Blends

We are celebrating the premiere of our new line of P & T Master Blends. Using the finest quality whole-leaf teas and herbals we have carefully paired them with complementary natural aromatic ingredients to compose 15 unique blends.

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Master Blend
from €14

Perfect Day

Master Blend
from €11

Gaia's Garden

Master Blend
from €12

Jackpot Derby

Master Blend
from €12

Mint Julep

Master Blend
from €12

Sprite's Delight

Master Blend
from €11

Sweet Lullaby

Master Blend
from €12

Berry Pomp

The warm heart of Africa

Once overlooked, now a respected contender of specialty teas. Taste the terroir of this exotic land through their unique interpretations of tea. We are thrilled to launch two new teas from Malawi into our line of African teas!

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Expressions of Takashi Endo

Through the expression of Takashi Endo’s artistic vision, sense the depth of Japanese aesthetics and understand its beauty. Make a piece yours!
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Mix & mingle

Tea is infusing its way into the spirit of mixology. The diverse and complex flavors offer curious bartenders and daring cocktail aficionados a chance to update their cocktail recipes with a new set of flavor tools. Here we offer some tips to kick start your adventure!

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Kung Fu Tea

Taste and feel how a tea changes. With the traditional Chinese brewing method of Gongfu you can achieve taste profiles in tea that are unattainable in conventional brewing methods. The recommended way to enjoy high-quality loose leaves, experience the full story and potential of your tea.

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Stir a summer soirée

Bid your farewell to the summer solstice with our Master Blend twists on cocktail classics! Stir up a rosy-cheeked soirée and forget about the passing time.

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Tea, the real kind, the kind that has been consumed in its countries of origin for thousands of years, is a truly wonderful and inspiring product.

Inspired by this great legacy, we at P & T have set out to interpret and promote the role of fine tea for a fulfilling modern lifestyle. Our principles are simple: we focus on pure, 100% natural whole-leaf teas sourced at origin from small-scale farms across the globe – offering you an authentic tea drinking experience unlike any other.

Life is short,
Drink good tea.

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