Ginger N°805


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A spicy and warming dried ginger herbal infusion

Back to the roots. Ginger’s inimitable, spicy-sweet heat has long been prized as a potent household remedy. Freeze-dried right after harvest, our gold nuggets retain every bit of the aroma and active ingredients that ‘fresh’ ginger loses on its transport around the world.

spicy, tangy, citrus, hot

  • Ginger pieces (cut dried)*

*certified organic

Quantity Temperature Time
Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 100° C / 212° F 1st infusion 2 min.
2nd infusion 4 min.

Derived from the Old French gingibre for spirit, spunk or temper, ginger has been prized for its aromatic, culinary and medicinal properties for thousands of years – mentioned in countless ancient medical treatises from China and India all the way to the Middle East. Also known as the “root of health,” this fragrant panacea brews up a wonderfully spicy and exotic cup – equally delicious hot or cold. It’s all cut and dried on the P & T ginger front: treat these golden nuggets to an extended stint in the pot to unleash their succulent zing – adding honey, brown sugar, sliced lemon or a touch of orange peel for that final touch.

Customer Reviews

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Madeleine L.
Intensiver Gingergeschmack

Schmeckt wirklich köstlich. Man braucht für ein intensives Geschmackserlebnis wirklich viel weniger von dem Ginger als man denkt. :)

Wunderbar ...

... scharf!

Brigitte S.

sehr aromatisch und besonders

Intensiv mit leichter zitro-Note

Endlich mal ein reiner Ingwertee der intensiv nach Ingwer (und etwas zitronig) schmeckt.Für mich die erste Wahl auch vor frischem Ingwer oder Teebeutel.

Tapa S.
Absolutely wonderful

My first time ordering from P&T and the ginger tea did not disappoint a strong smell and taste. Keeps you cosy during the cold. I really liked it. Thank you.

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