About P & T

P & T - Paper & Tea is a Berlin-based company and pioneer of a worldwide growing movement for high-quality tea enjoyment. Since 2011 we have been working to create a stronger market awareness for good tea and a modern tea culture.


P & T was founded in 2011 as a supplier of fine and rare teas and pioneer of a sophisticated, modern tea culture in Berlin.

Drawing on the traditions and knowledge of the tea's countries of origin, it is our passion to promote appreciation for the beauty, enjoyment and multiple uses of tea.

Our Concern

We value the venerable tradition of tea as a medium of human communication, creativity and culture.

We want to share the gift of good tea with as many people as possible and inspire them to use tea as a medium for a healthy, creative and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Assortment

P & T exclusively offers handmade whole leaf teas and herbal teas of the highest quality.

Our focus is on accessories that combine modern, simple beauty with traditional manufacturing processes, natural materials and intelligent use.

Tea is a wonderful gift - whether for healthy enjoyment, broadening one's cultural horizons or simply for time itself.


Our unique shop concept invites you to sensual expeditions and promotes a greater appreciation as well as a deeper awareness for the physical and mental pleasure of high-quality whole leaf tea.

Treat yourself to a private tasting with our tea specialist. Try your favourite teas and enjoy interesting background stories and tips for the perfect infusion.