We are looking for talented people.
“To enrich people's lives. That starts with us, internally, at the workplace. Developing an enriching atmosphere and culture at home, enables us to bring the same conviction to the outside world with ease and authenticity.” - Goran Pavlic, CEO


How does one grow sustainably as a company? By focusing on the people in it. That's the philosophy of our CEO Goran Pavlic. By creating a creative and communicative space where people can meet each other on eye-level to exchange ideas, constructive feedback, but also gratitude, you automatically foster an atmosphere in which everyone helps shape the future of Paper & Tea.


Since our founding in 2011, our mission is to enrich people's lives and promote modern tea culture while taking our customers on a discovery journey through the world of tea. We source only the finest selection of whole-leaf teas and herbal infusions and create our own signature blends. Above that, we not only offer exclusive paper collections but are also developing entirely new high-quality lifestyle products worlds - always with a keen eye on sustainability and fairness. To share our own and external knowledge with the community, we organize various events and seminars. As an employer, we take the "chado" - the way of tea - into our work life and together create the future of modern tea culture.


We enrich people’s lives by putting humanness, wisdom, and entertainment right at the core of everything we do.

Wisdom: It captures the richness of knowledge collected in our company, but also how we share our passion for this complex product with curious people all around the world.

Humanness: People are at the center of all we do. Fair and equal treatment and personal closeness are the core values by which we act. Not only within our staff, but also when working with tea farmers and producers worldwide.

Entertainment: Tea is fun, inspiring and expresses an awareness of life. That's what we want to share with people. Whether online, in our stores or at events - we want to create added value and bring joy.

Do you care about people? You strive to enrich their lives through your work? You’re passionate about tea and product worlds that genuinely add value to people’s lives? Are you looking for a job that connects you with like-minded people and supports your growth and creativity? Then we might be a match.


➤ Entitled to 29 vacation days per year (based on a 5-day workweek). Unpaid vacation is possible in some cases.

➤ Referral bonus of up to 1,000 euros

➤ BAV contribution of up to 50 Euro per month

➤ Participation in the Corporate Benefits Program

➤ Regular team events & activities

➤ Remote work & flexible working hours possible