Personal tea favorites of our team

Personal tea favorites of our team

From white to black, we traveled down the oxidation gradient picking the tea favorites of our team at P & T HQ. Find out which teas we are enjoying as we share the story of tea with you.

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Our organic detox teas

The power-cleanse for spring

Teas to inspire your mind and body with their powerful detox properties. Choose from Matcha, herbal infusions and Japanese green teas and start your spring cleanse.

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Valentines Day Special

Lars Kanter tea bowls

We are delighted to present the work of Berlin-based ceramist Lars Kanter as a part of P & T Artist Series. Inspired by the inwards nature and silent atmosphere of Japanese tea rituals, Lars has crafted these impressions into his porcelain vessels. Explore the collection.

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Paper and Tea - Artist Edition

P & T Artist Series

What does it mean to drink? The latest additions to our artist series pulls attention to the experience, from where the hands hug the cup. Explore our new collection of drinking vessels from two local ceramists whose designs have been inspired by their notions of comfort.

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Exclusive teas from small tea farms
100% Whole leaf - controlled farming
Rare teas and limited harvests
Beautiful design Perfect as a gift

Good Reads from our Journal

P & T - Paper and Tea

Tea, the real kind, the kind that has been consumed in its countries of origin for thousands of years, is a truly wonderful and inspiring product.

Inspired by this great legacy, we at P & T have set out to interpret and promote the role of fine tea for a fulfilling modern lifestyle. Our principles are simple: we focus on pure, 100% natural whole-leaf teas sourced at origin from small-scale farms across the globe – offering you an authentic tea drinking experience unlike any other.

Life is short,
Drink good tea.

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