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Kumano N°313

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Kukicha, a Japanese green tea blend of stems, sencha and gyokuro leaves

Our whole-leaf philosophy serves us well, but naturally every rule has a wonderful exception: This kukicha is a style blend of stems and leaf veins from first-class gyokuros and senchas and offers a mild cup of fresh green notes and a subtle citrus finish to delight each and every day.

The KŌRIDASHI method:
Japanese green teas are particularly suitable for the KŌRIDASHI method. With this very cold extraction variant, also called ice drip, the tea melts slowly over ice cubes. This brings the sweetness and umami notes to the center of the enjoyment.

 Find out more about our favorite cold tea preparation methods here.

fresh, fruity, grassy

  • Green tea*

*certified organic

Quantity Temperature Time
Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 70° C / 160° F 1st infusion 2 min.
2nd infusion 2 min.

Mie, Japan

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