Tea is more than just a drink. Tea connects and inspires. Tea is culture.

Tea is much more than just a drink. It connects us as a medium of human communication, culture, inspiration, and creativity. And that's just what we want to bring alive with you. Together we want to explore new horizons, exchange ideas, and create exciting encounters.

That's why we have launched the P & T Tea Time Sessions.

P & T Tea Time Sessions

Each month, a unique experience and a lot of inspiration await you at our Vienna and Cologne Paper & Tea Store. From concerts by up-and-coming bands and musicians to exhibitions by modern artists and readings by current authors - we want to create unforgettable moments. And all that while sipping a cup of tea and having a chat.

Tea Time Session in Leipzig

The P & T Tea Time Sessions are back! We start on February 4th in Leipzig with an afternoon meant to escape the city hustle and bustle for a moment and immerse in the mindful world of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Kyoko Neuß is a trained Japanese tea ceremony master. Since her childhood, she has dedicated herself to this art. And after years, she has turned her passion into a profession. Today, she brings the uniqueness of Japanese tea culture closer to people all over Germany. And will soon create memorable experiences for you in our Paper & Tea Store in Leipzig.

Let yourself be carried away into the inspiring world of tea ceremonies for half an hour that afternoon. Relax. And enjoy a cup of tea with like-minded people.

When: February 4th, 13 - 13:30 / 14 - 14:30 / 15 - 15:30 pm.
Where:  At the Leipzig P & T Store in the Mädler Passage, Grimmaische Str. 2-4, 04109 Leipzig.
What: Japanese Tea Ceremony with Kyoko

Would you like to join our first P & T Tea Time Session in Leipzig?

It's easy! Sign up via our registration form to get your chance at one of the strictly limited places. You have until 03.02.2023 at midnight to register yourself and your companion.
The Japanese tea ceremony lasts about 30 minutes. We offer you three different time slots that afternoon from 13:00 - 15:30. Please let us know your preferred time directly when you register.

Be there. We will take you on a journey. We look forward to a cup of tea with like-minded people.

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Tea Time Session in Cologne

Outside, flowers bloom, and there is a fresh scent in the air! With delicate colors, we slowly say goodbye to winter. Let's welcome spring together at our next Tea Time Session on February 11 in Cologne. With lots of creativity and an enjoyable cup of tea.

Florist Laura Peng will introduce you to the art of flower arranging in her workshop. How do you choose the right flowers? How do you put them together? And how do you care for your piece of art so it will give you joy for a long time? You will learn all about that in this Flowergram workshop. And in the end, you will go home with a beautiful, fragrant, and decorative flower arrangement.

Look forward to an afternoon full of inspiration and indulgence. Register now for the Flowergram Workshop with Laura!

When: February 11, 2023, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Where: At the Cologne P & T Store, Breite Str. 169, 50667 Cologne, Germany. 

What: Flowergram Workshop with Laura

Would you like to be part of this creative P & T Tea Time Session in Cologne?

That's easy. Register via our registration form and secure one of the strictly limited places. You have until 08.02.2023 at midnight to sign up for yourself and your companion.

Be there. We will take you on a journey. We look forward to a cup of tea with like-minded people.

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Tea Time Session in Vienna

On November 11, our first Tea Time Session took place in Vienna. And it was marvelous!

Singer and songwriter Florence Arman took us into her personal musical world with her unique voice, unfiltered emotions, and intimate lyrics. And at the same time, we were able to get to know each other. While enjoying refreshing cold brews and great conversations.

We couldn't have wished for a better start in Vienna. Many thanks to Florence and to everyone who was there. You made this evening truly special. We already look forward to many more unique experiences and moments in Vienna. Stay tuned! Soon we will tell you how it will continue.

Tea Time Session x Moglii, 01.09.22