Daikoku -


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A semi-shade green tea from Japan with the freshness of a sencha

Each of these pine-green leaves captures a full-bodied palate of fresh flavors, making it the perfect Kabusecha for daily indulgence. Harmonious billows of umami and tomato round off with a pleasing astringent nudge, finding fans amongst connoisseurs and green tea novices alike.

Tasting Notes

grassy, tomato, subtle sweet, umami


Green tea*

*certified organic DE-ÖKO-070

Background Knowledge

Named after the Japanese god of wealth and prosperity, this excellent green tea from Japan's renowned Kagoshima region is the perfect match for those seeking a high-quality kabusecha for every day without having to raid their college funds. The equably shaped, medium-length leaves produce an astonishingly full-bodied liquor with subtle notes of nori seaweed – a mark of any good kabusecha. Bright, green, and shot through with fine, pine-green leaf particles, Daikoku is sure to delight with its hint of sweetness and delicate astringency. A treasure chest of flavors, the cup even yields surprising notes of rich tomato when brewed at lower temperatures.

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