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Houjicha, a roasted Japanese green tea of stems and leaves

Tea and toast, that most beloved of pairings, combine here in this hearty low-caffeine brew for any time of day or night. An exception to Japan’s usual steam-processing creed, houjicha is toasted to yield robust aromas of nuts and malt, underscored with waves of fresh green.

toasty, roasted coffee beans, malty

  • Green tea (roasted)*

*certified organic

Quantity Temperature Time
Quantity Temperature Time
2 tsp / 250 ml 90° C / 195° F 1st infusion 2 min.
2nd infusion 2:30 min.

Japanese tea processing etiquette is usually quite strict when it comes to not treating the leaves too extensively. However, in order to produce their beloved houjicha tea, they make an exception that seems astonishing by Japanese standards: Once the leaves and stems have been steamed and rolled, they additionally get roasted (either in a porcelain pot or over charcoal). Such undogmatic processing results in a brownish liquor that has delicate notes of both nuts and malt. Furthermore, since the above-mentioned treatment makes the leaves less sensitive to heat, you can easily brew houjicha at unusually high temperatures. What’s more: houjicha is low in caffeine, goes well with almost any meal, and even makes a hearty iced tea!

Customer Reviews

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Mal was anderes. Aromen, die man nicht unbedingt sofort mit einem grünen Tee assoziiert. Aber was ist schon normal? Der Tee ist klasse.

Sascha F.

Sehr angenehm und wie beschrieben das was ich davon erwartet habe

Best Hojicha

I've tried various blends and kinds of Hojicha from reputable sellers and none reach the toasty depth of this tea. There is a very special malty, umami note in it.


Mein absoluter Standard Cold Brew. Trinke ich gerne den ganzen Tag über.

Benno G.
Daily Toast 250g

Mein all-time-favorite Alltagstee.
In gewohnt guter Qualität schnell geliefert.
No complaints.

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