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Chinese green tea is prized for its jade-white cup and nutty aroma

A tea of legend and favorite of Emperor Huizong, this recently rediscovered Chinese treasure is prized for its jade-white cup and sweetly nutty aroma. Gently harvested in early spring, these delicate, pure leaves boast a wealth of mood-boosting and relaxing amino acid L-Theanine.

Tasting Notes

sweet, nutty, fresh bamboo


Green tea

Background Knowledge

Lost in lore for almost 900 years, this tea of legend and personal favorite of “poet emperor” and great tea aficionado, Huizong of Song, was only rediscovered around 30 years ago in An Ji county, where it has been at the forefront of an ongoing artisanal tea revival. Harvested in only a brief period in early spring, these tender buds and leaves are famed for their beautiful jade-white hue and beguile the palate with an exquisite, sweetly nutty aroma of fresh floral notes and hints of bamboo. What’s more, this tea is a true blessing for the mind, packing an extraordinarily high amount of L-Theanine, the amino acid that has both a calming and happiness-inducing effect.

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