Black Tea, Master Blend

Hariman Classic Chai N°718


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An energizing organic chai made of malty black tea with traditional warming spices

In India, chai recipes are closely guarded family secrets. We’ll reveal at least this much: Just the right side of spicy, our savory blend of fine, restorative Masala spices meets its perfect match in the full-bodied, malty depth of a rich Assam black tea.

malt, cinnamon, clove

  • Indian black tea* (55%)
  • carob bits*
  • cinnamon*
  • cardamom seeds*
  • ginger*
  • fennel*
  • cloves*
  • green cardamom*
  • pepper*
*certified organic
    Quantity Temperature Time
    Quantity Temperature Time
    2 tsp / 250 ml 90° C / 195° F 1st infusion 4 min.

    ABOUT OUR MASTER BLENDS In developing the Master Blends line, we set out to bring back the original magic of the tea blending tradition while adding our own contemporary aromatic twists. With a nose for inspiring flavors, our collection of organic Master Blends elevates tea to new and exciting heights. Each original recipe weaves together a masterful palette of all-natural ingredients to highlight and celebrate the essence of tea. The P & T Master Blends line features organic tea and herbal blends which were created using fine teas pairing them with pure aromatic ingredients such as flowers, herbs & spices, dried vegetables, and seeds.

    Customer Reviews

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    Der beste Black Chai seit langem

    Mit Hariman Classic Chai habe ich endlich wieder einen Tee gefunden, der genau die richtige Balance der Gewürze hat, wie ich es liebe. Es kommt dem Geschmack, den ich aus Indien kenne sehr nahe. Also für mich TOP!

    Great orga½nic chai!

    Delicious black chai! I love the fact that so many teas and blends from P&T are 100 % organic!


    Bester Chai denn ich kenne und Lieferung war innerhalb 24 Stunden da.

    Best chai ever

    I went to the store in Mitte, I told the saleswoman that i was getting into chai but i had a thing for black tea, she recommended this and i fell in love with it, so much that I needed to buy the refill, I’m very very pleased :)

    Mehr Schwarztee als Chai

    Ich war auf der Suche nach einem guten Chai und habe diesen entdeckt. Für mich ist der Schwarztee Anteil leider zu hoch. Ich schmecke kaum etwas anderes heraus.

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