Summer Selection

Ice Tea Variety Box

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We dispatch within 1-2 working days €16,67/100g

Five types of teas & herbals in 10 individual servings of 6 g each

A selection of five flavors woven together with all natural ingredients for refreshing iced tea and cold brew creations. As the warmer weather draws in be sure to stay cool with a myriad of ice tea possibilities. Our popular single-use ice tea sachets have landed inside a colorful assortment box containing five inspiring flavors made to entertain long summer days.
Contains 10 single serving sachets, each brewing up to 400ml of tea.

  • 2 Single Serving Sachets Mint Julep
  • 2 Single Serving Sachets Bery Pomp
  • 2 Single Serving Sachets Pure Prana
  • 2 Single Serving Sachets Brave New Earl
  • 2 Single Serving Sachets Jackpot Derby

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