KPM LAB Mug Set, No. 1B

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KPM LAB Mug Set, No. 1B

The cups of the LAB series are considered to be true multifunctional talents of the product series developed by KPM chief designer Thomas Wenzel in the style of the laboratory porcelain produced in the past, which is known for its clear aesthetics and functionality. Available in a duo set, the No. 1B mug will expand the series' range of mugs and bowls from spring 2020. With a width of 10 cm, height of 6.8 cm and a capacity of 250 ml, it is ideally suited for use as a delicate tea bowl, which fits perfectly in the hand thanks to a weight of just 126 g. Like the other mugs in the series, the mix of glossy-smooth glazed porcelain in the upper half and matte bisque porcelain in the lower half makes the 1B mug a real delight to hold.


Porcelain, Biscuit porcelain


  • Volume: 250 ml 
  • Dimensions: Height: 6.7 cm, Diameter: 9.9 cm 

    The minimalist, technical design language of the LAB series is based on the aesthetics of 20th century KPM laboratory porcelain. It has been consistently developed further by chief designer Thomas Wenzel for the modern kitchen laboratory. The multifunctional line impresses with its timeless design and exceptional feel. All pieces of the constantly growing LAB family are recognizable by the chrome-green stamp mark and the lettering "KPM BERLIN". The green mark already adorned the historic laboratory porcelain. Then as now, it symbolizes design, "handmade in Berlin". The multifunctionality of the LAB family lies in the versatility and combinability of its members: minimalist plates become lids for bowls, bowls become bowls or cups. Complemented by spice mills, mortars, tins and progressive products such as the award-winning porcelain coffee filter with thermal function, LAB becomes an all-rounder for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Dishwasher safe: Yes
    • Origin: Germany
    • Colour: White
    • Finish: Glazed, glossy top and matt unterside

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