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Breathtakingly beautiful rolled white tea rarity from Malawi.

Stunning in look and taste, this marvel of a tea from Malawi, stretches the limits of its white tea category. Withered leaves are carefully hand-rolled into little cocoons. Upon repeated infusions, the tea leaf unfurls like a butterfly’s wings for a sublime sunshine-yellow cup.

Tasting Notes

woody, cream, cinnamon, candied ginger


White tea

Background Knowledge

Chikondi means love in Chichewa, the official language of Malawi. And it takes love and dedication to produce this spectacular white tea. A set of 5 leaves are pressed by hand while drawing a circle, until the leaves slowly gain their unique shape. Only about 20 women at the Satemwa Tea Estate know the skillful art of rolling these pearls, which makes the production of this tea very limited. But the Satemwa Tea Estate is very well-known for developing new techniques within the tea industry. For the last 15 years, ever since the family run estate decided to experiment with the production of specialty teas, have they been blowing the minds of tea lovers all around the world with their unique signature teas. Located in the Shire Highlands of Malawi, they combine ideal weather and soil conditions with wisdom and passion to produce some of the continent's most exceptional tea.

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