A Visit to Our/Berlin Vodka

In preparation for the launch of our new Vodka Tea Infusion Kit, created with Our/Berlin Vodka, we paid a visit to the Kreuzberg distillery to see how their crystal-clear vodka is made.

Housed in a sprawling red-brick industrial building that was a bus depot in its past life, the Our/Berlin vodka distillery fits right into its hip Kreuzberg surroundings. Just steps away are neighbors like Club der Visionäre, the Arena concert hall, and the White Trash Fast Food beer garden and tattoo studio. Behind the building is the Badeschiff, a swimming pool built out of a converted river barge floating in the languid Spree River. All summer long, leisure-loving Berliners sprawl on the docks here and jump into the clear water to cool off.

For now, though, swimming will have to wait. At the vodka brand’s headquarters, Samuel Benke and Pauline Hoch of Our/Berlin are waiting out front on the terrace’s bench, soaking up some springtime sun. The rays spill through the open garage-style door and into the cheery front office, where a handful of employees and friends sprawl on couches with their laptops.

In keeping with Our/Berlin’s credo of supporting local arts and culture, this space hosts regular events like the recent opening of an exhibit by artist Dave Ortiz, whose work still covers two of the walls. Another is lined to the ceiling with bottles of Our/Berlin vodka, fronted by a wooden bar that serves drinks during the weekly Happy Hour. On Fridays from 4–6 p.m., the local community is invited to drop in, wind down, and have a drink with the Our/Berlin crew.

They’re happy to head out to the people, too: in the summer, the Our/Berlin bike traverses the city to deliver its happy cargo. The brand also sets up stand at local cultural happenings, such as the Berlin Festival and Berlin Fashion Week. Our/Berlin may have only been around since 2013, it’s already well rooted in the Berlin community.

distillery duo

While the front space of the Kreuzberg headquarters is relaxed and casual, behind a set of white double doors, it’s time to get down to serious business. This is the pristine environment where thousands of bottles of Our/Berlin are distilled, filtered until pure and velvety-smooth, and finally bottled, each of the chubby round bottles topped with an old-school bottle cap by hand. It takes three days to produce a batch of 1300 bottles, which are happily consumed across the city and throughout Germany.

It was both their commitment to local culture and to pure, great taste that inspired us to partner with Our/Berlin to create our Vodka Tea Infusion Kits. Bring a dash of DIY to your home bar and make your own match tea vodka, or a subtly sweet white tea vodka using our Pu Er Bai Ya. And keep an eye out for new varieties to come – this is a partnership that will grow with the seasons.

Am Flutgraben 2 | www.ourberlin.de

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