Sakura Bliss

Our Sakura Bliss herbal infusion is made from the hand-picked leaves of wild Japanese cherry trees. Find out more about how this rare treasure is made.

If there’s one bloom that’s symbolic of Japan, it’s undoubtedly the sakura, or cherry blossom.

Every spring, when the trees across the island nation erupt in fluffy pink or white blossoms, the country joyfully launches into the annual hanami, or “flower viewing” season. Families and groups of friends gather in parks to picnic under the wind-scattered blossoms, which herald the welcome start of spring after a long winter.

sakura mochi

One typical hanami picnic snack is the sakura mochi (right), a sweet, pink rice cake filled with red bean paste and wrapped in a pickled cherry tree leaf.

But hanami is more than just a chance to picnic. Because the luscious blossoms fade and dissipate in the wind almost as quickly as they appear—hanami season lasts barely a week—the Japanese revere the sakura as a wistful symbol of the transient beauty of life.

sakura pair

Given how important the cherry tree is in Japan, it’s no wonder that our Sakura Bliss tisane is such a precious delicacy. This rare herbal infusion is made from the leaves of cherry trees, which are so in demand in their home country that few make it outside Japan’s borders. The leaves for Sakura Bliss are harvested by hand, gently tied into bundles and packed for transport. Once arriving at the production facility a few hours away, the leaves are carefully processed like an oolong tea, meaning they’re left to partially oxidize in bamboo baskets and then pan-fired at high temperatures, which halts the oxidation process.

The result is a richly fragrant infusion with distinctive notes of cherry and almond, with a fruity-sweet flavor that lingers on the palate. Every sip will recall the fleeting beauty of pink petals floating in the breeze—whatever the season. 
Mochi: Rodrigo Verschae. All other images courtesy of our Sakura Bliss provider in Japan.

Sakura Bliss

These wild cherry leaves brew into a fruity-sweet infusion with fragrant notes of cherry and almond.

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