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Hedwig Bollhagen

P & T’s official collaboration with Hedwig Bollhagen presents three versatile drinking vessels glazed within a soft palette to drift you into a quiet meditation. Curvaceous and bottom-heavy, the unique form carries the stylistic signature of Bollhagen’s beloved household cups, reminding us of the timelessness in her designs.

Ceramics workshop Hedwig Bollhagen is the namesake that continues the heritage of one of Germany’s top seven designers. Hedwig Bollhagen, was inspired by the Bauhaus principles of freely blending functionality with aesthetics. Her design aesthetic retains the pure form of an ornament to give it the honor it deserves, but enriches its characteristics with her artistic finesse of hand-painted decor and glaze.

For more than 80 years, Hedwig Bollhagen has stood for artistic and craftsmanship masterpieces – form-finished, high-quality and made for daily use. The ceramic products from the house remains to this day enchanted with the unique designs of Hedwig Bollhagen.

The most beautiful combination of nature’s four elements: earth, fire, water, air; every piece is an honest craft that has been hand-worked from Marwitz, a little outside of Berlin. We were kindly invited to HB workshop and what we discovered was a treasury of ceramic forms at all stages of production and a delightful team busy in their craft.

Here are some images taken from our tour through the production process.

Images courtesy of Rian Davidson

Hedwig Tumbler

Hand-made ceramic tea & coffee tumbler in collaboration with Hedwig Bollhagen workshop.